Moving Blogs!

A lot of things are happening over the holidays —we’re moving house, #romanceclass2017 is happening, and I’m moving blogs! Over the last month, I’ve been slowly rebuilding Some Midnights into a full author website. It’s still the same content, but there’s going to be more writing-related posts, with the occasional art-related freebie. 🙂

I know people get confused at who/where/how to tag me in things, so I thought streamlining my website to reflect my author name was the more logical choice.

By November 10, 2016, this blog will be no more. It’s been fun. I’ll soon see you at (not yet active!)

Oh, and here’s a sneak peek of the new site!



It’s not the most earth-shatteringly creative thing I’ve ever done, but I’m excited to let this page grow as it is.

See you on the flip side!

The Manila International Book Fair 2016 (oh my!)

Last year was my very first time to attend MIBF. My sister is a public school teacher, so she and I went hunting for childrens’ books and teaching materials. I wasn’t really thinking about specific books I wanted (except the new Spark Books, which had just come out!) and was actually surprised that Fully Booked would be on sale. It was a Thursday, and it was fun and pleasant, and I didn’t buy too many books.

Look at all that S P A C E

This year was just a little different. This year, I couldn’t go on a weekday because I was on the boat (not kidding!), and because of #AllTheFeels! Yes friends, #romanceclass was alive and kicking for the country’s biggest book event! Color me kiligation! I decided to go in for two days–Saturday to purchase all my books (I had a list and everything) and Sunday to help out and EXPERIENCE FEELINGS.

You’ll see what I mean.

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Writing Research 101: HELP


So you’ve got the most brilliant idea for a story. Yes! You know what your MC is like, what your LI looks like (yeeeesss!) and how it ends. Now to the hard part of outlining it.

Yes, I outline books like a nutter, only because I have a tendency to go off-tangent when I write. Structure keeps me from following minor plot lines down rabbit holes.

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