The Manila International Book Fair 2016 (oh my!)

Last year was my very first time to attend MIBF. My sister is a public school teacher, so she and I went hunting for childrens’ books and teaching materials. I wasn’t really thinking about specific books I wanted (except the new Spark Books, which had just come out!) and was actually surprised that Fully Booked would be on sale. It was a Thursday, and it was fun and pleasant, and I didn’t buy too many books.

Look at all that S P A C E

This year was just a little different. This year, I couldn’t go on a weekday because I was on the boat (not kidding!), and because of #AllTheFeels! Yes friends, #romanceclass was alive and kicking for the country’s biggest book event! Color me kiligation! I decided to go in for two days–Saturday to purchase all my books (I had a list and everything) and Sunday to help out and EXPERIENCE FEELINGS.

You’ll see what I mean.

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Writing Research 101: HELP


So you’ve got the most brilliant idea for a story. Yes! You know what your MC is like, what your LI looks like (yeeeesss!) and how it ends. Now to the hard part of outlining it.

Yes, I outline books like a nutter, only because I have a tendency to go off-tangent when I write. Structure keeps me from following minor plot lines down rabbit holes.

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#romanceclass Journalist Lecture!

(Video by Chi Rodriguez!)

How do we even begin to sort out our feelings?

It’s been a few days since we had our #romanceclass lecture, where we invited journalists to come over and talk about their jobs, relationships (wink wink) and other things!

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